#LetTheMusicMove invites all artists, music professionals and fans to call on the UK government to do more to support the future of the music industry, and mitigate the Brexit-related impacts of restrictions, costs and delays on European touring.

LetTheMusicMove has 4 key asks

● Urgently deliver a Transitional Support Package (TSP) to cover new, additional costs for touring artists and crews in the EU.

Live music businesses that would have been viable pre-Brexit now face a raft of new costs when working in Europe – including carnets, visas and work permits. Such an onset of red tape and uncertainty will result in fewer performance opportunities for UK artists and crew. A TSP would help cushion this blow, and ensure support for UK
artists and businesses while new restrictions are being clarified and resolved. Longer term we call for a Music Export Office to provide a centralised point of information and resource to champion UK music abroad.

● Deliver long term solutions for UK artists and crew to continue working in all EU countries, without costly permits
and bureaucracy.

Our preferred method would be for the UK government to negotiate EU-wide agreements. Second choice is for the UK government to negotiate bilateral agreements with the countries that have expensive or restrictive visa or work permit requirements. The UK Government must ensure that artists and teams are provided
with clear, comprehensive, and accessible guidance on requirements for touring the EU-27.

● Address restrictive new rules which limit UK vehicles to just 3 stops when touring in the EU.

We call on the UK government to negotiate an EU wide cultural exemption for UK vehicles carrying concert equipment and music professionals around Europe. We also insist that the government delivers ‘reverse easement’ for European registered trucks carrying concert equipment and music professionals to travel freely through
the UK.

● Streamline entry routes into the UK for international artists and their crews.

The UK’s world-leading live music sector relies on the ability to attract the world’s greatest talent. The success of the live industry creates incredible experiences for the UK’s music fans and irreplaceable opportunities for the UK’s artists and crews. Ensure international artists are easily able to perform at UK venues, festivals and clubs without having to navigate costly or time consuming bureaucracy. Ensure that the UK Government’s guidance is up to date, comprehensive, and accessible.