Out today from Hong Kong’s Lucid Express: ‘Wellwave’, a shimmering shoegaze soundscape.

The sweetness of Lucid Express’ sound is rendered even more striking when considering the social-political climate in Hong Kong. The group formed as teens in the winter of 2014, in the turbulent weeks just prior to the Umbrella Movement; the latest in a series of tense pro-democracy protests against increasingly brutal state suppression in their home region. Kim, explains that

“at that time it felt like we have a need to hold on to something more beautiful than before. Like close friendships, the band, our creation.”

Amidst the scenes of tear-gassed and beaten protesters, politically-targeted arrests, and death threats from government officials, Kim was meeting with like-minded musicians Andy, Samuel, Sky, and Wai in the small practice space they rent in the remote industrial Kwai Hing neighborhood. A place to create something that they could call their own. Something that lived outside of the world they were experiencing.  

The band have just signed to New York label Kanine Records to release their self-titled album this summer.

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