New single, out today is laid back, jazzy and charming, I.C.U by Emma Jane. It takes the listener on a mellow yet unsettling trip through a hospital. Clever production gives the song an almost trance-like feel, with the sampled background voices. The repeated line “This world wasn’t made for us, it was made for the healthy,” is particularly hard hitting.

Emma says:

I wrote I.C.U. while shedding my system of one of many traumatic experiences at the hospital. I can’t speak of disparities in the U.S. medical field without speaking to the blatant racism running rampant within it, so that became an integral part of the song. Any profits made from this release will be donated to Black Women’s Health Imperative. This song uses samples of voice memos I took from a few of my own hospital visits. I hope it can be a light at the end of the tunnel for many, and for others, I hope it at least helps to give some perspective into our lives.

I.C.U Emma Jane

Emma Jane writes music for those with disabilities and invisible illnesses to raise awareness and a sense of solidarity between those living with these experiences. You can find her here.