Out today from Hannah Rose Kessler: ‘A Thousand Cuts’ is our track of the day. HRK is fast proving herself to be a hugely talented artist and producer, this latest offering weaving a mood of a sonic landscape behind its hard-hitting, hard-relate vocals.

HRK gave us the scoop on her songwriting:

“This song takes inspiration from the ancient torture method of “a thousand cuts”, by which the victim is killed through the excessive number of small lacerations, which on their own wouldn’t be fatal, but with the others, subject the victim to a slow and agonising death. The song took shape after a summer particularly filled with sexual harassment. I was followed out of a coffee shop by a man who “just wanted to tell me I was beautiful”, an uber driver asked how much I would charge him for sex, then when the chef at work tried to kiss me while my hands were full of stupid miniature doughnuts, I broke down. They couldn’t understand why: He was only joking! He didn’t mean to upset you. I couldn’t explain it either. It wasn’t until later that I realised, every time someone does that low-level “I was only paying you a compliment” harassment, it leaves a mark. And eventually, you’ve got so many of those marks, you cry into doughnuts. I wanted to make the song’s bassline sound almost like the sexy thumping music at the cliche strip clubs in films, where dodgy, suited men make deals, while girls spin around poles in the background like props. I basically wanted to make a song that would sound like something horny men would like, but then once they’re listening, tell them what they have done to me and many others with their “harmless” comments.”

Hannah Rose Kessler

The single is released on Reckless Yes records ahead of EP My Thoughts On The Apocalypse, which we can’t wait to get our sticky paws on.