Today’s track of the day comes from Erawan: ‘Touch Me’ offers powerfully emotive vocals over a unique soundscape of voice, horns and guitars.

Erawan is the project of London-based Thailand-born Hattie Marsh. When her father left her at the age of seven, Erawan not only kept his guitar which would become her second voice over the years. Her live performance has been described as
“painting with her voice” and “theatrical”, where she half sings and half talks to tell a story. It is a form of communication for when words alone fail – while she has often felt that dyslexia and trauma are preventing her from being heard when
she is talking, she resorts to writing intimate and honest songs as a compensation. The name ‘Erawan’ is the Thai name of the three headed elephant which represents the three major gods in Hindu mythology: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the keeper and Mahesh the destroyer.

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