Words by Louise Goodger

A product of Washington D.C.’s gritty punk scene, Gauche—a combined voice of righteous rage from Daniele Yandel, Mary Jane Regalando, Pearie Sol, Jason P. Barnett and Don Goodwin—has only gone from strength to strength, one feral social commentary at a time.

Their latest single, released earlier this month, is the heady ode to the current state of things we all need. Adorned with new wave riffs and swirling saxophone melodies dancing between layer upon layer of vocal lines which occasionally drift into atonal realms, ‘Body Count’ catches you in a storm of the band’s social disillusionment.

Written in the wake of Puerto Rico’s devastating Hurricane Maria and the still unknown body count, the song is a commentary on America’s complete lack of regard for the lives of people of colour. Questioning American colonialism and white supremacy one reverb-dripping riff at a time, take a listen to ‘Body Count’ below.

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