HAVVK: 52 – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is ’52’ – a haunting pop reflection on the spectre of Brexit, by the awesome HAVVK. Powerhouse Julie Hough tells us:

“52 was initially influenced by the run-up to the Brexit vote back in 2016, but the song has taken on more and more significance to us since then. It expresses a lot of our sadness and anger at seeing a political wedge driven through our community back when we were living in London. The message remains completely true to us today – but probably now on bigger scale. We continue to be disappointed by our extreme political climate and the lack of responsibility of those leading it. It’s disgusting to see people’s differences used as a political vehicle and to see how it’s manifesting in extreme news media and hate crime. 52 is a song about processing this – the burst bubble of waking up to the Brexit vote back in 2016 and the ongoing tension we’re seeing today.”

Keep em peeled for another banger coming from HAVVK in the next couple of days …

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