We’re head over heels in love with Twinnie’s ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ (Live from Margate), today’s video of the day. A generous portion of the Nashville sound served from … Margate? Yeah, I had a Google to check whether there’s a Margate in TN, but no, she does actually mean the one in Kent. Crikey.

In her own words, Twinnie says of the track:

“I’m so excited and very proud to be finally sharing my story and music with the world. This song was inspired by the town I grew up in and the people who made me who I am today. Whilst always remembering my roots, I’ve travelled around the world chasing my dream. This song captures that journey, it’s my truth and it’s a little piece of me”.

Twinnie will also perform the following dates at this year’s C2C in March.

Sat 9th            Town Square Stage at 02 Arena
Sun 10th         Indigo Stage at 02 Arena

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