Phildel: Electric Heights – video of the day

Our video of the day is Brighton’s Phildel’s dreamy ‘Electric Heights’, released ahead of the 22 March launch of her second album, ‘Wave Your Flags’.

In her own words:

“Electric Heights is about re-living and re-embodying that dizzy and exhilarating feeling of attraction. I wanted to achieve the opposite of obvious drama and instead, a calm, controlled yet intimate sense of expression”.

And on the new video:

“Visually, the song represents the memory of a relationship. The character Ramsey, was introduced in the first single: “The Deep” (an animation by Pixar artist: Youri Dekker). In Electric Heights, Ramsey emerges from the caves of animation and discovers his form afresh in reality. Revelling in the beauty of nature, he moves in wonderment. But still, is aware of his solitude and loneliness as he recalls moments of intimacy from the past”.

Catch Phildel live in London at The PURCELL ROOM on March 20th 2019

Phildel’s website

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