ANIIML: ‘Slay!’ – video of the day

Los Angeles-based ANIIML has released a video for the new single, “SLAY!” today.  Directed, shot and edited entirely by frontwoman/songwriter Lila Rose, the vibe is dark, visceral, avant-garde, with an intentional lo-fi, 8mm aesthetic, shot entirely on iPhone.  Filmed at night over the period of a month, using only candles as her light source, the video features several of Lila’s friends and members of ANIIML as the “keepers of gems,” whom Lila finds scattered throughout the forest. In her own words:

“It all started on chance one day when I was brainstorming out in my backyard in Los Angeles. I started fiddling with this app on my phone, and before I knew it, I was going nuts shooting everything, feeling super excited and inspired. THAT is my new motto for life, and my new directing force. If it feels fun, and exciting, and positive, go for it. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth it. On so many levels, creatively and logistically, this process was incredibly healing and liberating. I realize the video isn’t necessarily a “high production”, but what matters is I got to capture something from my own creative mind, and turn it into real life. I think it translates in the piece

“I’m a hunter for the darkness,” means I hunt the feelings, experiences, and thoughts of the dark parts of life in order to excavate the gems from their depths, and to create beauty/art out of them. My experience with art-making has traditionally been that I delve into a difficult situation in life (my own, or someone else), and feel all the pains of that place, and write from there. Through this adventure into the depths of darkness, we find these creative “spirits” who hold these “gems of creativity” within them. We excavate these gems, plant them in the soils of our inner worlds, to bring new life from those sorrows. That new life is art.

In the case of this video, we excavate the gems from the core of the “keepers of the darkness,” plant them, and the place from which they came sprouts new life. Once the flowers have sprouted, the keepers of the darkness have been given life and freedom. And of course, by following that process, I myself have my own inner transformation, which is when I birth a flower out of my own body, and go through the metamorphosis into one of the keepers of the darkness myself. And the cycle continues. I have literally slayed the darkness.

The wonderful thing is that we don’t need all the money in the world, or the fanciest equipment or even the most highly skilled team to make our visions come true. All we need is the vision, and commitment to follow through.”



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