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LOUD WOMEN Fest 4 – second wave lineup announcement!

Ridiculously excited to let you know the next 8 bands to make up our 20-strong lineup for LOUD WOMEN Fest 4! Drumroll please …

Joining us on Saturday 14 September at The Dome and the Boston Music room will be …

  • The Baby Seals
  • Personal Best
  • Pleasure Venom (USA)
  • Gaptooth
  • GGAllan Partridge
  • The Cleopatras (Italy)
  • Nervous Twitch
  • and The Samba Sisters

These awesome eightsome are in addition to the lovelies we have already announced, namely:

  • ARXX
  • Hurtling
  • Peach Club
  • Secondhand Underpants (Turkey)
  • The Txlips (USA)
  • The Menstrual Cramps

Which means that right now our lineup looks like this!

Best fest yet already … and there are still 6 more acts to announce!

Grab your earlybird tickets now:


‘Double Dare Ya’: a documentary on riot grrrl in 2019

Effy Mitchell has just launched ‘Double Dare Ya’ on the world – the results of a documentary project interviewing bands and organisations that make up the UK’s current feminist punk/riot grrrl scene in 2019. It’s a brilliant piece of herstory capturing our scene right now.

LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox was included (with a very sore throat at the time so she’s by far the most quiet woman in this!)

Interviewed bands / organisations :
Peach Club
Fresh Punks
Dream Nails
Penance stare
Witching waves
Cult Dreams
Lunar Sounds
Fig by four
Babe Punch
Farting suffragettes
Noise and the naive
Loud Women (Cassie Fox)
Sounds for the cause ( Rynn )
Bomb the twist records ( Sarah )
Girls rock Edinburgh ( Caro and Fiona )

Featured bands + organisations + other contributors:
Maid of ace
Against me!
Pussy liquor
I, Doris
Petrol Girls
Wet Brain Hooligans

Girl gang Leeds
Women in music Nottingham
Cramond island of punk
FYWROK festival

Archive footage –

Bikini kill
Huggy Bear
X Ray spex

Peach Club: ‘Cherry Baby’ EP review

26991942_849965635163293_1978669628983206479_nreview by Zoe Biggs

Peach Club are a 4 piece riot grrl/punk/garage rock band hailing from Norwich. They release into the world a raw, brash and uncomprimising sound, one to make you sit up and take notice. Their twitter is where I first sat up and took notice myself, this time of passionate words written with an unwaivering authenticity.

‘Cherry Baby’ is Peach Club’s second EP release, swaggering in with first track ‘Venus’. A meancing and stripped back start led by Katie Revell’s confident drawling vocals and the strutting riff of Charlie Hart, giving way to the release of a driving cresendo of cymbals and defiant shouts.

Title track ‘Cherry Baby’ is visceral and driving, twisting and turning throughout to follow the story of runaway by the name of Cherry. Amanda MacKinnon‘s bass bubbles and lurks in the verses, a steady presence to push the song forward. It’s hard not to conjure up thoughts of Cherie Currie from The Runaways when listening to this, which hopefully isn’t too far off the mark of what was intended by Peach Club. In any case, comparisons to The Runaways are more than fair when it comes to this track in particular. There’s that same energy, the same belief in the delivery of the songs.

‘Oh My God’ explodes into life, grabbing you and not letting you get away. Just when you think it will relent and give you breathing space, it crashes back in with Rebecca Wren thrashing away at the drums, filling every space she can with glorious noise and then a throwdown of gang vocals building up to a fierce ending.

Any band that can work in a breakdown of a reworked ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ to a song called ‘Bad Bitch’ should be afforded some sort of special accolade, I’m convinced of it. How much more encouragement do you need to listen to this? ‘Bad Bitch’ is a rare crossbreed of Petrol Girls, Modrocket and Dream Wife.

Final track ‘Death Becomes Her’ kicks in with a dizzying, scuzzy guitar riff that flows through the song. ‘He said he’d rather die than see her with another guy’ is snarled out at us, a warning punctuated by instrumental stabs. The ending is a raw and freefalling conclusion to this EP, wrapping it up perfectly. When you want more, and you shall, Peach Club have also just released a new single entitled ‘Boy In A Band’, which is thoroughly satisfying.


26 June: DOLLS / Peach Club / Wutip / I, Doris at the Camden Assembly


LOUD WOMEN is teaming up with our friends Wutip to bring you a special night at the Camden Assembly, Tuesday 26 June. Feat:
Peach Club
I, Doris

PAY WHAT YOU WANT (Suggested: £6 waged, £4 unwaged)

We’ll also be taking any and all donations for the Camden branch of Solace Women’s Aid, so please give what you can. For more info on their very important work, visit their website: http://solacewomensaid.org/


The LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar!

It’s Chriiiiiiiistmas! (2017 is nearly over!)

Time to get frolicky and festive! (Whether you like it or not!!)
Even if you’re not quite feeling the biggest joy this year, indulge us in a little look back over some of the moments of positive brilliance that we’ve seen this year, with the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar!
Each day in December we’ll be reminiscing about some of the awesome musical moments we’ve had together in 2017. So grab something/one warm and soft, snuggle up, and enjoy as we open galendar window number ….

1 … Peach Club


Norwich’s Peach Club played for us back in January, at the Hope and Anchor! They were fierce, fun and an absolute pleasure to host. Here’s their ‘Bad Bitch’!

Team LOUD WOMEN’s Jess McPhee took some gorgeous photos of the night, here.

We’re excited to hear they’ve got an EP coming in


January – keep an eye on their socials for news …



interview: Peach Club

photo by Poppy Marriott
Peach Club: Katie Revell (interviewed below), Rebecca Wren, Charlie Hart and Amanda Mackinnon.

Why did you start Peach Club?
We’re an activist punk band. We’re hoping to revive the riot grrrl scene from the 90s but make it way more inclusive since it was pretty racist/transphobic back then. We started, PROPERLY, as a four in January 2016 and it’s been pretty crazy since then! We started this because we care a lot about spreading a positive, powerful message about equality and empowerment.

Who are your musical influences?
Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Hole, Black Honey, Deap Vally. I’m personally really influenced and inspired by disco/electro acts too and if I wasn’t doing punk I would definitely be doing that.

How did you decide on the name?
It’s a bit silly really, but when I was solo I had peach coloured hair and adopted the nickname ‘Peach’ and was Peach Hex. When I started the band with the original drummer she said she wanted to keep the peach element as she saw it as kind of a metaphor, like the band name is all cute and soft (like a peach) but our music is raw and rough. I love it, it’s like ‘this is what you expect us to be: cute and soft, but actually we’re fucking badass’.

You had four releases in 2016: ‘The Bitch Diaries’ EP, ‘GR8’, ‘White Girl’ and ‘Mission Impossible’. Could you talk us through the tracks, what sort of subject matter were you exploring?
‘The Bitch Diaries’ is a whole EP mostly about empowerment. ‘Equivocator’ and ‘I’m A Bitch’ are definitely about exploring female sexuality and owning it and not being afraid to use it. I love the idea of making female sexuality, masturbation and orgasms completely normal, because it’s pretty ridiculous that they aren’t anyway, right? So being able to sing about wanting someone to fuck me is pretty empowering. ‘Go Away’ is just about being left alone to make your own decisions. I’m sure everybody has had SOMEONE tell them ‘you shouldn’t do that because you’re *this*’ and it’s SO frustrating. For us, this song is about the way people try and tell us what to do with our music and lives and bodies because we’re women. Simple as. ‘My Best Friend’ is a celebration of female solidarity.

  • “There is something so sacred about female friendship, it’s so special to me which is why I adore being in a band with three other fantastic and beautiful girls.”

‘Gr8’ is essentially about being so cool nobody will ever forget your name/face haha. To be honest, it’s a bit of a silly song but I love it! ‘White Girl’ is about women who believe feminism isn’t necessary because they, personally, have not faced any sexism. ‘Mission Impossible’ is about all the men in bands who have told us how difficult it’s going to be for us and that we have to ‘keep practising!’. There’s a few bands in our home town who’ve said this to us and at a gig recently one of them told us he was shocked at how much we’ve improved. I should have told him to go fuck himself but unfortunately I’m too polite and just wrote a song about it instead.

What has your experience been as women in the punk/DIY scene? 
We have met a fair few sexist pricks in our short year as a band. On the other hand, we’ve also met some absolutely amazing bands who are so supportive and not in the slightest patronising. The main problem we face is people not taking us seriously because we’re a young band, not because we’re girls. I definitely do not think the punk scene is as bad as the pop scene, and we’re hoping we can help that in some shape or form.

What are your plans for 2017?
We’re really hoping we can gig more around the country and less in our home town [Norwich]. In fact, our first gig of the year is [LOUD WOMEN!] in London which is super exciting. We’re probably going to write and record some more next year, we’re always writing new material and working on new stuff so no doubt there’ll be new PC material next year!

Peach Club will be playing a LOUD WOMEN/Parallel Magazine night at the Hope & Anchor on 20 January.

Find Peach Club on Facebook here.