Review by Gilan

From start to finish this EP is an absolute MUST! Peach Club have been Hexing the patriarchy since they started and Post Modern Siren is a big flashing sign that they have no intention of stopping!

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of seeing or hearing of this badass lot; Peach Club is an activist Riot GRRRL punk band from Norwich. The combination of their positive messages, butt-kicking undertones and catchy as hell melodies make them hard not to instantly love.

This five track EP is like a bag of fists throwing punches for everyone’s fight!

Rape culture? POW! Not today!

Emotional abuse? BOOM! No more of that!

Bigotry and elitism? KABLAM! NEVER AGAIN!

Peach Club are not backing down, if you have ever made anyone feel small or negative about themselves then they are donning their big boots and coming for YOU!

My favourite track changes every time I listen to the EP but there is one track I resonate with so much: Ruby. The song sets the scene innocently enough; a person has come to party and is having a great time. The riffs are bouncy; you can’t help but bop along yourself but then this gorgeous line comes along“I’m not dancing to dance with …you!”  Amen!! She is there to have a good time and is not there for anyone’s entertainment.  So it carries on describing this ‘you’ person. You start feeling slightly harassed on the singer’s behalf, but she sounds like she’s got it. At the crescendo the sleazy antagonist has clearly made unwanted physical advances on our glorious heroine! Our protagonist handles it well, and tells the person to stuff it! That she doesn’t need them. She doesn’t WANT them to touch her, and they would DO WELL TO RESPECT THAT! So many people need to hear this message on repeat, whether you are like me and have had to endure this far too often or whether you know a someone who thinks it’s ok to get a bit gropey on the dance floor …JUST NO!

That was just a small example, but the whole of Post Modern Siren has wall to wall important messages, delicious rich distorted tones, punchy beats, the occasional flirting with time change and beautiful whaling, gritty vocals.

I have had the privilege of playing alongside these glorious folks and I am so proud to see all that they have achieved. This EP is currently my favourite thing they have released and I cannot wait to hear more. If they are playing anywhere near you, GO AND SEE THEM!

Listening Recommendations: when you need to remember all the fight you have left in you, put this EP on and march on into the rest of your life!
Where does one find Peach Club? bandcamp instagram facebook