26991942_849965635163293_1978669628983206479_nreview by Zoe Biggs

Peach Club are a 4 piece riot grrl/punk/garage rock band hailing from Norwich. They release into the world a raw, brash and uncomprimising sound, one to make you sit up and take notice. Their twitter is where I first sat up and took notice myself, this time of passionate words written with an unwaivering authenticity.

‘Cherry Baby’ is Peach Club’s second EP release, swaggering in with first track ‘Venus’. A meancing and stripped back start led by Katie Revell’s confident drawling vocals and the strutting riff of Charlie Hart, giving way to the release of a driving cresendo of cymbals and defiant shouts.

Title track ‘Cherry Baby’ is visceral and driving, twisting and turning throughout to follow the story of runaway by the name of Cherry. Amanda MacKinnon‘s bass bubbles and lurks in the verses, a steady presence to push the song forward. It’s hard not to conjure up thoughts of Cherie Currie from The Runaways when listening to this, which hopefully isn’t too far off the mark of what was intended by Peach Club. In any case, comparisons to The Runaways are more than fair when it comes to this track in particular. There’s that same energy, the same belief in the delivery of the songs.

‘Oh My God’ explodes into life, grabbing you and not letting you get away. Just when you think it will relent and give you breathing space, it crashes back in with Rebecca Wren thrashing away at the drums, filling every space she can with glorious noise and then a throwdown of gang vocals building up to a fierce ending.

Any band that can work in a breakdown of a reworked ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ to a song called ‘Bad Bitch’ should be afforded some sort of special accolade, I’m convinced of it. How much more encouragement do you need to listen to this? ‘Bad Bitch’ is a rare crossbreed of Petrol Girls, Modrocket and Dream Wife.

Final track ‘Death Becomes Her’ kicks in with a dizzying, scuzzy guitar riff that flows through the song. ‘He said he’d rather die than see her with another guy’ is snarled out at us, a warning punctuated by instrumental stabs. The ending is a raw and freefalling conclusion to this EP, wrapping it up perfectly. When you want more, and you shall, Peach Club have also just released a new single entitled ‘Boy In A Band’, which is thoroughly satisfying.