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kate nash – live review: banquet records, kingston 21/5/19

Seen and heard by Tony Rounce

Twelve years ago Kate Nash almost topped the UK charts with ‘Foundations’, and served notice that she was a songwriter of maturity and perception.  It didn’t really work out for her as a top-of-the-popette, but Kate’s audio rebirth in 2013 with “Girl Talk” put her on an independent road she is still travelling. The inspiration Kate has provided for many of those whose work this group embraces confirms that she is at home here among all Loud Women.

Kate releases far too few records, so each release is an event. And this May in-store suburban showcase tied in with the first ever vinyl issue for Kate’s 2010 “My Best Friend Is You” album.  Accompanied only by the estimable Linda Buratto from her regular touring band, Kate did indeed start off with ‘Paris’ from said album, as well as singing four more songs from it (including great versions of  ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ and ‘Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt’).

A vibrant hour-long, 10-song set covered all 12 years of the discography of Kate Marie Nash – from ‘Birds’ and a particularly compelling ‘Foundations’ off her “Made Of Bricks” debut, to ‘Hate You’ and ‘My Little Alien’ from 2018’s “Yesterday Was Forever”.  Only “Girl Talk” went unrepresented, with a planned rendition of ‘Sister’ being spontaneously replaced by an unplanned performance of her ‘Free My Pussy’ single – prefaced by a lengthy, highly cogent speech that started off as a diatribe against the recent shocking Alabama abortion ruling, and ended up in praise of strong empowered women and men who support and empathise.

Kate has come a long way from the nervous young piano-playing teenager whose first major gig I witnessed at London’s now demolished Astoria Theatre in 2007.  The 2019 Kate is friendly and fearless, whether she is performing for a small record shop full of ecstatically-devoted fans who were happy to sing along every time she asked (and frequently even when she didn’t) or encouraging the mass invasion of a stage designed to hold a maximum of nine people, as I saw her do in Austin, Texas in 2017 – five of whom were Kate and her band.  She interacts with her audience like we are her closest BFFs, thinks nothing of jumping down from the stage and having a singsong with us, and on this occasion ended her set near the front door singing with the latecomers as everyone joined in on Kate’s charming song about her dog, ‘My Little Alien’.

Kate promised at the end of this terrific Kingston show that were would be a full tour later in the year when, presumably, she will have some new music to promote. More imminently she’s got a couple of gigs coming up in the summer, at Guildford’s Boilerhouse on June 9th and Brighton’s Concorde II July 31st.

I’d go to both if I were you…

Kate Nash: ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ review

kn23523535_5119522302966366208_n (1)review by Katie McFaul

Kate Nash has gone on quite a journey over the last few – to the top of the charts, created her own girl gang and appeared on American TV. After much anticipation, she’s back with her new album ‘Yesterday Was Forever’; her first full length record since ‘Girl Talk’ in 2013. Nash resorted to using ‘Kickstarter’ in order to raise the funds to make this album after being dropped from her label – and the fans did not disappoint her!

Over the years Nash has evolved and experimented with new styles, whilst never losing her signature sound. Each of her albums sees her flirting with different genres, varying from sweet electro pop to angry riot grrrl. This latest effort really sees all her influences coming together, in what is arguably her strongest record since ‘Made of Bricks’.

Nash has always been a vocal about her views on feminism and women’s rights which is still a very strong theme within her music. We also get to hear a slightly rougher and gritty vocal, compared to her usually soft, London twang on several tracks, which serves as a reminder of her punk rock roots. As well as speaking about love and loss, which is a common topic for Nash, (‘Foundations’ anyone?) she also references her own personal struggles with mental health. She has spoken about her battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety in various interviews, and is an advocate for speaking out and seeking help. One song in particular that reflects this is, ‘Musical Theatre’ which is more of a spoken word piece, and sees Nash exploring a new musical direction whilst bearing all for the world to see … or hear.

However, die-hard Kate Nash fans need not fear because there is also plenty of material on this album that you might call ‘classic Nash’. Lots of the tunes you can dance and thrash around to, lots of catchy keyboards and some simple storytelling. There really is an air of nostalgia to her music and, especially with this latest effort, you really get a sense of who she is and how she perceives the world around her.

Catchy, brave and refreshing, ‘Yesterday is Forever’ might just be Nash’s finest work to date. Whether you have been following her so closely it could be regarded as stalking, or have managed to resist her up until now, I urge you to give this album a go!




Skating Polly: UK Tour With Kate Nash and Hands Off Gretel

by  – published on Louderthanwar on 29 May 2017 

polly euro tour 2017


Skating Polly tour the UK and Europe: dates with Kate Nash and Hands Off Gretel in July/August 2017

Now this is very exciting.  One of the brightest and best new bands from the USA, Skating Polly return to the UK at the end of July.  The still ridiculously young band, made up of step-sisters Kelli and Peyton, have extended the line-up to include brother/step-brother Kurtis on drums.

Their latest EP  is called ‘ New Tricks’ and featured the talents of Nina Gordon and Louise Post from Veruca Salt. Videos for two of the songs thereon are hereabouts.

Half of the dates are with Kate Nash on her “Made of Bricks” 10th anniversary tour.  Kate has been a long time Skating Polly fan so it’s  very cool of her to pick them to support her, and they in turn are chuffed at the prospect.

The Pollys headlining dates see them linking up again with another great UK act Hands Off Gretel (currently working on their second album and seemingly never off the road.) The dates are below.

polly gretel dates

I seem to have written about Skating Polly quite a few times for Louder Than War so sod objectivity, here are the links and highlights from;

The Ged Babey / Louder Than War / Skating Polly Archives 

Support slot with Babes In Toyland reviewed 

The very special support act, Oklahoma Riot Grrrl teens Skating Polly were a huge bonus. Two step-sisters aged 15 and 18, who must be the offspring of a Riot Mom and Riot Pop, swap instruments, drums and bass and bash out an amazing racket of Bratmobile style pop.  Songs about perceptions of beauty (Ugly) and “correctional juvey” with an unapologetically sloppy & screechy attitude and joie de vivre.

The Big Fit Album Review  

The songs are packed with teenage angst, doubt, cockiness,  rage, confusion and drama.  But they are not literal and linear. Some are baffling and seem to have been as influenced by Dr Seuss (The Cat In the Hat) and Roald Dahl (Matilda etc) as by Kurt and Courtney.

Now, a 52 year old man saying that about a 15 year old female songwriter may appear patronizing and crap but those books are works of genius and help younglings understand the world and introduce grotesques and surrealism and feed the imagination – so I’m not (being patronizing).   It’s actually wonderfully refreshing that they are not singing in rock’n’roll cliches, and that’s why Skating Polly are absolutely brilliant and the most interesting underground rock band in the USA today.

Tour promo piece

Skating Polly are probably the best new band to come out of the USA for years…. near-perfect.  Hit-Girls with guitars and stories to tell.

Live in Salisbury 2016  

Skating Polly perform like hardened professionals, yet retain a jubilant sense of this-could-fall-apart at any moment.  They rock like the Pixies used to and friends compared them what they imagined seeing X-Ray Spex and the Slits in their early days would have been like.  I have tried to avoid labelling them ‘punk’ as that would associate them with the past, when they are the future.

Video round-up

Skating Polly leave me lost for words. They are just amazing. … they have made videos for all of the songs from their album and every one is a work of art.

So don’t miss them!


Tour dates and ticket links are here  

Official Website     

You-Tube Account with all their videos.  

All words by Ged Babey.