kn23523535_5119522302966366208_n (1)review by Katie McFaul

Kate Nash has gone on quite a journey over the last few – to the top of the charts, created her own girl gang and appeared on American TV. After much anticipation, she’s back with her new album ‘Yesterday Was Forever’; her first full length record since ‘Girl Talk’ in 2013. Nash resorted to using ‘Kickstarter’ in order to raise the funds to make this album after being dropped from her label – and the fans did not disappoint her!

Over the years Nash has evolved and experimented with new styles, whilst never losing her signature sound. Each of her albums sees her flirting with different genres, varying from sweet electro pop to angry riot grrrl. This latest effort really sees all her influences coming together, in what is arguably her strongest record since ‘Made of Bricks’.

Nash has always been a vocal about her views on feminism and women’s rights which is still a very strong theme within her music. We also get to hear a slightly rougher and gritty vocal, compared to her usually soft, London twang on several tracks, which serves as a reminder of her punk rock roots. As well as speaking about love and loss, which is a common topic for Nash, (‘Foundations’ anyone?) she also references her own personal struggles with mental health. She has spoken about her battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety in various interviews, and is an advocate for speaking out and seeking help. One song in particular that reflects this is, ‘Musical Theatre’ which is more of a spoken word piece, and sees Nash exploring a new musical direction whilst bearing all for the world to see … or hear.

However, die-hard Kate Nash fans need not fear because there is also plenty of material on this album that you might call ‘classic Nash’. Lots of the tunes you can dance and thrash around to, lots of catchy keyboards and some simple storytelling. There really is an air of nostalgia to her music and, especially with this latest effort, you really get a sense of who she is and how she perceives the world around her.

Catchy, brave and refreshing, ‘Yesterday is Forever’ might just be Nash’s finest work to date. Whether you have been following her so closely it could be regarded as stalking, or have managed to resist her up until now, I urge you to give this album a go!