Out today from our favourite explosive feminist booze punx Lambrini Girls, ‘Boys in the Band’ continues the ‘Girls mission to expose the scene’s toxic motherfuckers, hiding in plain sight, guitar in hand. Burn it all to fucking ground, Lambrini Girls, we’re right behind you.

The single (our #SingleoftheWeek, natch!) comes from debut EP You’re Welcome, which is also out today, via Big Scary Monsters. We’d have made that #EPoftheMonth too but we already shot that load with HotWax yesterday – fair to say though, this EP is absolutely essential listening.

Fuck it, we can have two #EPoftheMonths – this stuff is important.

If you’ve been luck enough to witness a live performance of Lambrini Girls’ riotous, dramatic and punk AF set – maybe at LOUD WOMEN Fest 2022, or even last weekend at The Great Escape – you’ll appreciate the hard-hitting intersectional feminist messages at the core of their songs, delivered with enough dark humour, fun and spangly punk theatre to bring along even those in the crowd who are the butt of their mission. The macho lads riddled with toxic masculinity. The terfs. The homophobes. And of course these are exactly the people who need bringing along for the ride … and made to see what asshats they’ve been.

Containing previous singles ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ which Phoebe used to come out to her mum, as well as the catcalling ‘White Van’ with a powerful video, and ‘Lads Lads Lads’ about toxic masculinity –  other tracks include ‘Boys In The Band’ that’s about calling out abusers in the scene, and ‘Terf Wars’ which is pretty simple – Transphobia has no place in feminism, whilst ‘Mr Lovebomb’ looks at altering behaviour in relationships. The vinyl will include two exclusive live tracks also.

The Lambrini Girls – Phoebe and Lilly – join us on the LOUD WOMEN radio show this Sunday – tune in 5pm.

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