If you have not heard of the Lambrini Girls already then allow us to introduce you (though we have had them play on LOUD WOMEN stages three joyful times so far!). You need this band in your life and the world needs them too. Thankfully they have just been signed by Big Scary Monsters so hopefully soon everyone will have easy access to them.

‘Help Me I’m Gay’ is their forceful new single and it starts as it means to go on. The track hits the ground running. Catt Jack crashing cymbals a nano-second in. Lilly Macieira-Boşgelmez’s bass line, reminiscent of The Cramps or B52s, dances and drives along next to the visceral guitar, invoking an immediate desire to listen, nod, jump or indeed dance if you have the space. Then the voice of the one and only Pheobe Lunny that cuts straight through – the other instruments making space for her to speak. Her lyrics and message always on point, challenging, stating the obvious and plaintive yet at the same time playful so you want to hear what she has to say. So clever.

This lot are punker than punk itself. Punk came into being to stand against the status quo and to challenge accepted frameworks. This band are no exception but they take it to another level. Anger and rage can start a conversation but they can also alienate – Lambrini Girls use irony, humour and plain talking which communicates more directly. They thrill, excite, entertain and amuse whilst addressing issues that frankly a quarter of the way through the 21st Century we shouldn’t still have to be dealing with. Violence against women, intolerance of homosexuality, non-binary and trans people – hatred should not still be in our society and receiving that message is like swallowing a bitter pill for some. Lambrini Girls are the fizzy wine that makes the medicine go down. Drink it in.

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