Another devilish tune to indulge in. With smooth guitar tones and enchanting vocals, Reylta’s new track ‘Leannán an Diabhail’ or ‘Lucifer’s Love’ is a captivating tale of the forbidden love between the devil and his mortal lover.

This modern folk song is imbued with Irish history, with string arrangements, delicate harmonies and a story woven throughout the lyrics, reminiscent of traditional folk music. The instrumentation is sparse but gorgeously layered, proving the concept that less is more, showing how to use restraint to highlight the impressive song writing. The gentle melodies contrast with dark, poetic metaphors, subverting the expectation of the title and bringing a fresh take on Satanic imagery in music, showing him as a more sympathetic character.

‘Lucifer’s Love’ tells the unusual story of the intimate relationship between good and evil. When there is love and light in us, life becomes brighter.


Reylta shows her commitment to her roots by releasing both a version in English and Gaeilge, a native Irish language. The Gaeilge version really brings something special to this track, feeling like a traditional Irish folk song and shows off how beautiful the language is. This version is truly immersive, transporting you to the Irish countryside. Reylta is not traditionally a Gaeilge speaker but learnt the language to strengthen her musical connection with the Irish tradition. The English version, however, shows off the elegantly crafted lyrics and story – I would definitely recommend listening to both to gain the full experience. Her passion and connection with her culture is evident in this delicately crafted and enthralling musical tale.