Content Warning: ‘You Belong Here’ contains themes of transphobia and death.

Glasgow-based indie rock/dream pop artist Katya Mansell released a new single, ‘You Belong Here’ – a heart wrenching track about fighting for acceptance and then fighting to survive.

The song follows a father’s journey of accepting their child and then by verse two the father is attending a vigil. With ‘You Belong Here’, Mansell brings awareness to how deadly transphobia is. 

“This song is a love letter to the trans community. In a time where transphobia is rife throughout the UK, with the UK Government blocking the reform of the Gender Reform Bill followed by a contender for the leadership of the Scottish Parliament being outrightly homophobic, I wanted to spread a message of hope to our young people. I want you to know that you do belong here, and that you have a whole community of people who stand by you and believe who you say you are. I hope that you will find solace in a song that understands that you are just like anyone else – you want to be seen for who you are. You deserve not only to survive, but to live a life full of joy and meaning. This is a call to protect trans kids.”

Katya Mansell

‘You Belong Here’ is available to purchase exclusively on Bandcamp. All sales from this song bought via Bandcamp will be donated to Mermaids, a charity supporting trans youth and their families.

Katya Mansell wrote for the band The Violet Kind. This year, Mansell is now releasing music as a solo artist.

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