‘Heiße Schmutzwasser’ (‘hot dirty water’ in English) is the pulsating new offering from Liverpool’s industrial two-piece Polexia.

Containing experimental, electronic beats and brimming with style and attitude, Polexia marry together retro computerised sounds, reminiscent of Kraftwerk, with a more modern vocal style. The layering of samples and synths as the track develops, progress it into a mesmerising and beautiful world of sound. The hypnotic sound creates a complementary backdrop for the lo-fi spoken word vocals, which are delivered with a cool, mellowness from the vocalist, enhancing the atmosphere.

The drums punch through the mix with a powerful and slightly distorted sound, which makes the beat feel like its thumping through your body – it’s easy to entrance yourself in this incredible rhythm. Dreamy synths layered on top give it a hint of the avant-garde, making it a wholly unique experience. Heiße Schmutzwasser is a great example of industrial music updated for a modern audience and definitely worth a listen.