Swedish pop artist Linda Varg sends a heartfelt message to liberate anyone who doubts themselves in her new track ‘Fuck it Up’. The song is filled with emotional lyrics which convey how Varg clearly wants to uplift and inspire her listeners. This is paired with a clean and high-quality production value and creative instrumentation which creates a smooth, professional sound.

This is a well-crafted, empowering pop song which seems to take influence from a range of different sources, with elements of a ballad as well as a hint of country. Beautiful, crisp acoustic guitar with soft piano tones gives this track the upbeat and inspirational message of the lyrics, along with a powerful vocal performance from Varg herself. For anyone who needs a boost in their mood and a reminder to be kinder to themselves, this one is sure to do the trick.

“We should not blame others. Even though in most cases it starts with someone doing or saying something bad to us, for me it started when I was very young. A woman who was older than me couldn’t handle that I was happy, unafraid and talented. They said things to me that made me unsure of myself and that’s when I started to make myself smaller. In Sweden we have a special word, kind of like an unwritten law and it’s “Jantelagen”, which means that you should never think that you are someone and should never stand out and shine more than anyone else. I hate that law! Every single person should shine!!!”

Linda Varg

This track is off her upcoming debut full length album, stay tuned for that and listen to the track below!

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