Belgian singer-songwriter epona has released her debut single ‘Voice’, an exclamation of the gender inequalities that still exist in our everyday lives.

Raw and melancholic, the emotion rises throughout as though representing the frustration that bubbles inside and there’s a grunginess at its core that intensifies the attitude.

The inspiration behind the song came from conversations I had with women about the lack of consideration and double standards we all have experienced at some point. “Voice’” is a reminder that the struggle for gender equality is ongoing.” 


epona is entering the music scene with the intention of empowering women, thus making ‘Voice’ an appropriate introduction. While there are lyrics in the song that suggest that it’s better to be a man because things are easier that way, the overall message is to fight the obstacles and speak out to be recognised. Music in general has always been a way to give us that push, whether it being an emotional drive or a platform to share concerns.

The accompanying video, sparse and expressive, highlights the relation between vulnerability and self-empowerment.

‘Voice’ will be followed by an EP, entitled Help I’m fine!, due out later this year which will address issues such as sexual harassment. 

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