Oozing with style, this moody track from Manchester/Liverpool-based grunge three-piece Velma, ‘Damaged for Good’ is a wonderful mix of angst with a hint of melancholy.

Distorted rock guitars and loud fuzz bass create an incredible wall of sound, filled with raw and furious energy. This is topped off by a striking vocal performance which, while strong and full of attitude, also has a somewhat dreamy quality to it, and perfectly personifies the message of the song. ‘Damaged for Good’ is a track that will resonate with anyone who knows the pain of trying to recover from trauma and both the tone and lyrics express this feeling excellently.

‘Damaged for Good’ is a track full of spite and angst, about the experience of gaslighters who think they can control you and break you down, little by little. The lyrics reveal what they did and how it makes you feel – something that a lot of us can relate to.


Velma show us that this isn’t just an angsty rock song, however, as in the second half, the song transforms into a steadier garage rock groove, making for a catchy and effective hook to finish, and possibly the most compelling part of the track.

They’ve also released the track with a music video that wholly encapsulates the mood. With stylish visuals and dark, grungy aesthetics, it is beautifully produced and captivating and the band themselves have a great style. ‘Damaged for Good’ and its accompanying music video cement Velma as one to watch in the alternative rock scene. Check out the video below!

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