Indigenous tribal advocate and singer, songwriter and visual artist Chloe Star released her brand-new single ‘Straight Girls’ last week.

Following her debut release ‘Element’, Chloe Star digs deeper into her inner self and tackles the question of her own sexuality. Mixed with addictive pop-beats and smooth vocals, ‘Straight Girls’ invites the listener to take a look inside the world of someone who explores what it means to have relationships while discovering ones self in the process.

“The song is about exploring my sexuality…”

Chloe Star

Her enticing voice and impactful lyrics make this pop anthem more than just a song to passively listen to. ‘Straight Girls’ will have you rolling your windows down and screaming the lyrics with your best friends.

A visually fantastic music video was also released along with the single, directed by Carlos “Bawwse” and Emilio Sanchez. The single and the music video provide a great intro into the mind of Chloe Star and tease what listeners can expect on her upcoming EP, due out later this year.

Besides being one of the new faces in pop, Chloe is a self-taught Persian-Native American musician who showcases that one can stay true to themselves while also following their dreams. Chloe Star made one of the best moves one can make, which is taking something you love and creating a space for all to feel welcome. I eagerly await Chloe’s EP and in the meantime will be adding “Straight Girls” and “Elemental” to my party playlists.