Calling upon inspiration from her Welsh roots, travels to Berlin, and nature itself, Bethan Lloyd has crafted a sacred electro-pop rite that transfixes and demands attention in her latest release, ‘Aria’.

In just under four minutes, Lloyd cultivates a spiritual immersion led by her choir-like, chanting vocals and shifting synth backing. A brave combination that links back to something primal yet modern as the track washes over you.

Written within Bryn Celli Ddu, a burial chamber on the Isle of Anglesey, ‘Aria’ evokes the sense of downloading a message from the land itself and then absolutely having to dance to it. In sharing this homage piece to her ancestors and ancient Sun gods, Lloyd has truly graced us with an enchanting addition to our playlists.

Her new album Metamorphosis will be released on April 7th and I can’t wait to see what further magic this artist has in store for us.

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