Milwaukee-born rock-n-roll lover Abby Jeanne released her new single ‘Sage and Cigarettes’ this month.

The song evokes that classic feel with soul beats accompanying Abby’s smokey and crisp voice. The song highlights how a traumatized woman has learned to heal in today’s world, by keeping one’s head above the water. Abby invites the listener to identify how they have kept themselves above water, with or without the use of sage and cigarettes.

Abby Jeanne is a bright and clear voice guiding listeners on their own path of healing, while being raw and intimate in her own journey. The tragedy the singer has endured, including the loss of family members and venturing out on her own, has only enhanced her singing, performing and womanly force in each space she occupies.

Abby Jeanne’s ‘Sage and Cigarettes’ will calm you down with its soothing electronic tones and help you appreciate how far you have come.

While you’re here, make sure you listen to Abby Jeanne’s other new single ‘Know Better’ that provides a more upbeat, but nonetheless profound, playful escape for the listener to enjoy. Both records make me proud to be a survivor and more importantly, a strong woman.