The daughter of Satan demands your attention!

[the actual title of the email we received from Pretty Addicted!]

London’s ever-provocative Pretty Addicted are back with another delightfully devilish offering. New single ‘Child of the Devil’ is blasphemous in the best ways possible – a spooky electronic metal track with pulsing synths under Vicious Precious’ signature screaming vocals.

‘Child of the Devil’ is a love letter to all things dark and horrific. The Rob Zombie-esque use of sampled speech as the main hook is insanely catchy and effective at creating a dark, yet fun atmosphere. Vicious shows off her full range of vocal abilities with an intense performance of heavy screamo (including screaming in Latin at one point) contrasted with some moments of softer, sultry singing. The style is a wonderful mixture of British electronica, industrial metal, and everything in between, making it quite unlike anything before it.

The DIY, grainy VHS aesthetic of the video feels as though you’re watching an old video nasty or possibly even a snuff film. A twisted sense of humour is on full display as we see Vicious skipping around a graveyard, as well as ding-dong-ditching a church. It’s clear how much fun they had filming this one and it makes it all the more fun for us to watch it.

Pretty Addicted is a one-woman musical project from the mind of Vicious, who is on her third single release of 2023 already, leading up to the release of a fifth studio album in October.

Vicious’ heavy vocal screams; laden over sinister synths, heavy drums & bass sounds from the pits of hell, this track is a devilish lullaby with a message about the toxicity of religion.

Pretty Addicted

For lovers of all things dark and horrific, this is one to add to the playlist.