You will have come across Calva Louise already if you follow our site as we are fans here at LOUD WOMEN and not only have we written about them before, you can be sure we will be writing about them for a while yet. For the unitiated however let us introduce you.

Calva Louise is a multicultural British band from Venezuela, France and New Zealand, aiming at London’s underground live scene and driven by the creative vision of Jess since their beginning, end of 2016. They soon started supporting artists like Razorlight and Albert Hammond Jr. and played iconic festivals such as Reading & Leeds in England, Rock For People in Czech Republic and SXSW in the mUnited States in March 2022.

Following their newly developed sound for their next album, coming in September 2023, Calva Louise will release their next single ‘Feast Is Over’ on March 17th. The song deals with the circumstances that keep pushing us back to square one. Inspired by Sci-Fi movies and comics, Calva Louise’s songs are linked to a story about the duality of the human being.

Feast Is Over sets the mood of a dysopian world at the outset – the track launches with industrial , Metropolis-esque sounds that are heavy and hit hard. This is off set with melodic harmonies which are interspersed with furious, raging vocals. Think Nova Twins meets Taylor Swift meets Satan.

“It reflects our rebellion against feeling convinced that the best thing to do is to start over again, and
instead we choose to keep on going forward, fighting and assuming the consequences of our own
decisions, it feels like accepting a new challenge so we can get out of a loop once and for all.”

The video for this latest single is a direct sequel to their last – Third Class Citizen. Which was utterly awesome – even more so when you realise it is all done by themselves so we are very excited to see the new one. But you do not need to take our word for it. You can see the premiere on Youtube or Vevo, TODAY (Friday 17 March) at 7pm.

You can catch Calva Louise live:

18 March – Glasgow, Garage
20 March – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
22 March – London, Electric Ballroom

More about Calva Louise here