The cover of I'm Scared by Peach
Artwork: Charlotte Gosch

Bristol-based post-punk grungers Peach release their second single ‘I’m Scared’ today, along with an enjoyably sinister video produced and directed by members of Holding Hands With Horses collective Lee Kiernan of fellow Bristolians Idles and artist Charlotte Gosch. The vid emits serious ‘Wicker Man’ vibes as the four-piece cavort uncertainly in the countryside with a group of masked and be-ribboned figures.

The song alternates between a fierce wall of sludgy guitars and wailing from singer Ellie Godwin and quieter, more spacious interludes with gasped, whimpered vocals. Written by all four members, the band say the song is:

“about having that fear to do something completely out of our comfort zone, and the continuous battle of excitement and fear in making good or bad choices.”

Godwin’s impressive, versatile voice takes us on a whole trip through to that dark side and back again, at times recalling (for this listener) Jennifer Finch, Kat Bjelland, Mitski, early PJ Harvey and perhaps Katie Jane Garside.

I’m Scared is a giant adrenaline rush of a song that might give you the guts to get out and finally do That Thing You’re So Scared Of… or might leave you quivering under the bedcovers. Either way, it’s awesome.