LOUD WOMEN’s first album of the month for 2023 is GLOSSER’s debut full length album, DOWNER.  

GLOSSER (Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan) is a dream pop duo from Washington, DC. With Fanning’s thought provoking lyrics and vocals paired with Sheehan’s otherworldly instrumentals, GLOSSER is a duo that will always keep you pulled in. 

GLOSSER’s self-titled EP (2021) was the first glimpse of the band’s full potential. On DOWNER, we see GLOSSER in sharp focus. DOWNER is a beautiful reflective pop album that’s a perfect winter escape. This album is the dark daydream of GLOSSER and we’re provided the soundtrack. 

“I tried not to overthink, and just accept that we were doing something totally different from anything we had done before.”

Riley Fanning

Lead single ‘Disco Girls’ sets the tone for DOWNER and makes you want to listen to every track afterwards. 

DOWNER has its moody moments and addictive beats like in the “solemn lullaby“ ‘The Artist’.

DOWNER is an album with no skips and has been on repeat. If you’re a fan of Beach House and/or Phantogram, GLOSSER will be your next obsession. 

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