Leicester-raised artist SOFY released her most vulnerable single to date, ‘btw’.

‘btw’ is the final look into SOFY’s upcoming EP, Bored In Colour (Pt.2) (out 6th January 2023). This heartfelt track is soft and reflective and shows SOFY going beyond her signature clever lyrics and hip-hop meets brit-pop inspired beats.  

SOFY shares the following about ‘btw’: 

“’btw’ is going to surprise a few people I think, it’s completely different to the rest of the project. It’s a stripped back, raw song about saying goodbye when a relationship ends but it’s nobody’s fault. It’s kind of the antithesis to ‘Egomaniac’ in a way, when you still have a lot of love for that person but it’s just not the same anymore and it sucks. It’s probably the first song that I’ve written where I’ve fully worn my heart on my sleeve and It’s the only song I’m actually kind of scared to release because it’s SO vulnerable (and the guy it’s about doesn’t know it exists).”

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