This week saw the release of a new single from Boston-based duo Little Fuss – ‘I Want a Secret’. The single is the last release from their upcoming debut album Girls at Parties (out January 12th, 2023). Breaking away from traditional album structure, Girls at Parties invites the listener to spend time with nine different ‘protagonists’ at the same gathering.

In ‘I Want a Secret’ the song’s protagonist watches another woman navigate the party with ease, her natural magnetism and confidence making her the centre of everyone’s attention. With a chill, party-pop beat and lilting, wistful vocals, Little Fuss  capture well the feeling of jealous admiration I think most of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

“[the song is about] the outsider looking in…the girl searching for confidence and intrigue within her own personality…she daydreams that she herself possesses this effortless nature, almost like someone manifesting themselves a secret, just to give them a boost of confidence.”

Olive Martinez, Little Fuss frontwoman

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