North London alt-pop artist Izzi De-Rosa released a new single/video, ‘welcome to my life’. De-Rosa invites you into her world with this introspective track. Through the colorful accompanying video, De-Rosa shows the battle of identity and figuring out who you are.

“I wanted to throw the viewer into what could only be described as a warped and nostalgic dream; the energy of the song flickers between outspoken, in-your-face brattiness and introspective moments of vulnerability. Identity is a wobbly concept, sometimes it is hard to define yourself as one thing, so I’m in a way performing as two different versions of myself – the day-to-day Izzi De-Rosa, set against the backdrop of a 90s bedroom, dressed in my usual clothes and being pretty much me. But there’s also this version of myself that sort of scares me – this feminine energy that can be angry and unearthly. The video represents a battle between these two worlds, welcome to my life.” 

Izzi De-Rosa

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