ferna (Hannah McPhillimy) released her latest single/video, ‘New City’ – another look into ferna’s debut album, Understudy (out Spring 2023). 

Originally from Coleraine in Northern Ireland, ferna moved to the US to complete her Masters in Music Composition at the University of Michigan. This move inspired ferna’s latest single. ferna captures the wave of emotions and feelings surrounding leaving your home for somewhere new and unknown. 

The accompanying video is a short film directed by artist and film-maker Alice Eugenie. The short follows the main character, Eliza Frew, around her ‘new’ city: returning back to her hometown with a new view. Eliza goes through the mundane motions of catching up with the townspeople and by the end of the film, she finds her place again at home. 

“One of the main themes I wanted to explore was the feeling of stuck-ness and overwhelm. I played on the origins of the song’s creation in the US by flipping the concept round, creating a character who has returned to seaside suburbia in Northern Ireland.” 

Alice Eugenie

“Although the character is dealing with a different move to what I wrote about, the questions are all the same: how do I reconcile my past with the life I have now? Is one better than the other? Is there such a thing as a ‘fresh start’?”


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