Canadian-duo Softcult recently announced their new EP See You In The Dark, out 24th March 2023 via Easy Life Records. The band also dropped a new single/video, ‘Drain’. 

‘Drain’ brings attention to corporate greed and the draining of a dying planet that could be saved. Climate change is an ongoing battle that’s being lost due to greed and apathy.

Oh, what a privilege it is getting old
I hope i live to be so cynical 
Why should we dare to live forever 
If nobody cares to change for the better

“It’s disgusting how making a profit is a higher priority for those in power than a sustainable environment. Seeing hollow shows of performative “action” from these world leaders and multi-million dollar companies that don’t offer any actual solutions just adds to my frustration, because it feels like we’re being manipulated and lied to in the most disgustingly condescending way.”


 “There are people out there who could end world hunger right now in exchange for 10% less of their billions. There are legislations that could reverse climate change in time to save this dying planet and spare future generations a pretty horrific existence. But these bloated fucking dragons would rather die hoarding more wealth than they could ever spend in a lifetime than part with a little to help save the world. To think these billionaires actually give a shit about us or our quality of life is just naive. So because of the one percent’s greed, their legacy will be our eventual extinction.”


Softcult’s upcoming (and HIGHLY anticipated) EP’s title is inspired by a quote from Nietzsche: “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

“It is an analogy for the things we’re afraid to face. It represents confronting our innermost fears, usually in those vulnerable moments lying awake at night when our minds are racing. It’s sort of an acknowledgement of our darkness, and the darkness of others, like “Hey, I see you”.

“While it’s important to acknowledge our darkness, we also can’t submit to it. We have to strive to be better people, and leave behind a legacy of positive change. I think it’s important to do everything we can to try and make a positive impact on the world, even when that feels impossible. Because if we don’t at least try, who will?”


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