Today’s video of the day comes from indie-rock artist Soccer Mommy (Sophie Allison): ‘Feel It All The Time’ is taken from her latest album, Sometimes, Forever.

There’s hints of Americana and shoegaze weaving around ‘Feel It All The Time’, elevating Soccer Mommy’s lyrics that transport you to a simple moment, like driving around on a lazy afternoon. 

So I wanna drive out where the sunshines
Drown out the noise and the way I feel
But even the light is so temporary
And I see the dark at the back of my heels
I feel it all the time

“‘Feel It All The Time’ is a song that felt really easy and honest for me as soon as I wrote it. It uses this idea of an old truck to kind of compare this feeling of aging too fast. There are also these glimpses of light and freedom, from something as simple as the wind in your hair, that can make you feel alive.”

Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy takes us along on a ride in a pickup truck and on a quest with a white horse in the accompanying music video. 

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