New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Maddy Davis is on the move with her latest single/video, ‘Sally! I Met A Boy’. 

Davis is a new voice in indie-pop/rock and what’s next in this always changing genre. Think Olivia Rodrigo meets Soccer Mommy with a heavy dose of Davis’ raw ambition and talent. 

‘Sally! I Met A Boy’ feels like you’re on a phone call to your hometown family/friends. This track explores the growing pains of falling in love with the wrong person. 

“When I wrote “Sally! I Met A Boy”, I was notorious for falling too quickly and falling for the wrong people, but I really wanted [my older sister Sally] to be able to trust me this time. I was always calling her from LA, saying ‘No it’s for real this time’ then I would get ghosted or the person was a complete sh*t, so of course she was going to be skeptical.” 

Maddy Davis

The accompanying Y2K inspired video is innovative with its unique filming location. Who knew a U-Haul would be a rad location? Director, producer, and editor Caro Knapp and team brought ‘Sally! I Met A Boy!’ to life. 

“Caro and I had planned this video for months before we were able to shoot it, which made the actual shoot day even more fun and rewarding. We really wanted to make the set look and feel as personal as possible, so we used actual photos from my room, and also my friends, bandmates, and boyfriend as extras. It really felt like my whole life was in a 10 square foot box, so it’s cool that we were able to show so much of my life in only the span of a couple minutes.”

Maddy Davis

Maddy Davis’ highly anticipated debut ep MUD will be out 29th September. 

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