Words & photos: Minni Moody

Pay To Breathe, an energetic punk band from Norway, brings powerful party vibes with kickass attitude. Minni Moody met with Pay To Breathe’s vocalist Camilla Pedersen and bassist Christian Lindh at Punk Rock Holiday, where the band was playing back in August. You can watch the full video interview below.

As the front woman Camilla Pedersen puts it:

“I like a lot of energy, I like it to be fucking fast. And I like it to have some punch as well. New punk rock vocals are so clean. I need it to be a little dirty”, she laughs. This is what describes both Pay To Breathe’s sound and Camilla’s own musical taste.

Pay To Breathe was founded in Norway back in 2015. The current edition of the band consists of five members: in addition to Camilla and Christian there are Heidi Holm and Andreas Raade on guitar and vocals, and Espen Wink is playing drums.

Unsurprisingly, Pay To Breathe draws inspiration from powerful female artists.

Camilla mentions Courtney Love’s Hole band, and Christian, bassist and singer, lists especially PJ Harvey as one of his major influences. He also gives a special mention to female fronted Dark Times from the Norwegian scene.

“Punk rock scene in Norway used to be divided. We’re now starting to come together and making it a one big scene for everyone“, Camilla says.

“These days people respect each other as musicians and music lovers, which is important“, Christian adds. More punk festivals are popping up as well.

However Camilla is all too familiar with gender bias in the punk rock world.

“There were so few females in the scene. When you go to festivals I’m fucking happy if I can find one female fronted punk band. I think it is really important to show the ones that are because as soon as you can see other females doing it you can be like ‘I can do this’. You don’t have to have a cock to sing”, she laughs with her infectious, raspy voice.

The fact that Pay To Breathe was selected to play at one of the greatest punk rock festivals in Europe is a good indicator that this won’t be the last time we hear from Pay To Breathe.

“Feels like we’re just coming out of Covid coma”, Camilla says. Things are happening.

New album is just getting mixed and will be out soon.

Watch the full *PAY TO BREATHE interview at Punk Rock Holiday* here where Camilla and Christian talk about music, where the band got its name, also touching the topic of mental health and one very nasty event of sexual harassment Camilla dealt with like a champion:

Pay To Breathe Bandcamp