Starting the week with a no-nonsense track of the day from Manchester’s The Strangerz: ‘Shut Up!’ A melodic punk outlet for female rage at misogyny – this feels more relevant than ever.

A song expressing anger at being spoken over by men who frankly don’t know what they are on about, the scream representing the internal groan all women do when someone starts mansplaining. It’s our heaviest and punkiest song yet, one that became popular when we started gigging in Manchester but one that was hated when we debuted it in our hometown [Doncaster] – in fact the first time we played it the promoter told Martha to never scream like that again because it was “funny but not appropriate”.

Well, this promoter thinks screaming has never been more appropriate and can not wait to scream along with this one live … and in fact we’ve just booked this awesome band for our 8 October gig, so pop that in your diary pronto!

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