Bringing you our first ever Can y Dydd – that’s Track of the Day to those of you not blessed with the gift a Welsh speaker in your home! Chroma‘s new single ‘Weithiau’ (Sometimes) is out today and it’s a powerful pop song full of big feels, whether or not you understand the Cymraeg lyrics.

“‘Weithiau’ is about ending a relationship with someone that you love deeply. The process of coming to terms with the fact that the relationship doesn’t work, and putting your self first in that situation.” –

Katie Hall, Chroma

The other half of the double-A-side release is ‘Caru Cyffuriau’ – a non-stop ‘in your face’ punk song about being a teenager in the South Wales Valleys.

“Caru Cyfffuriau is a song about being a naughty teenager in the valleys experimenting with drugs and sex because there’s not much else to do. I think there needs to be more stuff going on so young people don’t feel so isolated. We wanted to write a welsh language punk song that reflects young people’s lived experience today.”

Katie Hall, Chroma

This is the group’s first release after joining the Libertino label. The songs were recorded live to capture the versatile and energetic sound of the Valleys trio by producer Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys).

We’ve been wanting to book Chroma for a while now and we’ve just gone and done it … more news on that next week!