2022 is becoming the year of epic debut albums. The following three acts hit a different musical nerve –power-pop, indie-rock, and shoegaze. 

Check out the mini-reviews below to find your favorite upcoming artist.

Romero: Turn It On!

Melbourne’s power-pop rising stars Romero released their debut album, Turn It On! There’s rock classics that are embedded in Romero’s sound (The Nerves, Blondie, and Thin Lizzy) but Romero’s grit and presence shines through. A departure from the current music trends, Romero is on their own path.

Standout track:Halfway Out The Door

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Deanna Petcoff: To Hell With You, I Love You

Toronto based indie rock artist Deanna Petcoff’s debut album, To Hell With You, I Love You is more than a breakup record.

Petcoff’s confessional style indie rock thrives on this debut album. With unfiltered vulnerability, Petcoff takes us on a bumpy ride of navigating young adulthood. 

Standout track:  ‘Devastatingly Mediocre

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moodlighting: Boy Wonder

Denver band moodlighting’s debut album Boy Wonder is one of the best shoegaze albums released this year. moodlighting is a mix of shoegaze, dream pop, and indie rock. Their sound is full of gritty texture with a dreamy haze.

Boy Wonder is an album showing the true potential of this rising band and there’s more on the horizon. 

Standout track: ‘Idk’

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