We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of a stunning new single from Brooklyn via Berlin-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Panteon, ‘Archipelago’, ahead of its general release tomorrow. Chilled, summer finger-pickingly serene guitars accompany a heavenly voice that demands you sit back and drink in the warmth of the lyrics.

Panteon, aka Yvonne Ambree, writes, records, produces, and performs her music herself. She tells us:

“Archipelago was written in the summer of 2021 while I was visiting a good friend of mine in Stockholm, Sweden. We rented a small bakery cottage on Värmdo in the Swedish archipelago for a week and didn’t do much except reading and taking ferries to all the islands surrounding us. The lyrics to the song are almost journal like and just a snapshot or photograph of the time being there – we were surrounded by all this nature and water and horses and birds and spiders crawling out of every corner in the little cottage.”

“I was into reading Haikus at the time and brought this book by Matsuo Bashō “Travel Writings“ with me and we got into the habit of talking in Haikus. We would go on walks and come up with all these little funny poems.

The last verse of “Archipelago” goes
“Like a summer rain – 
When I’m catching my next train – 
Three lines and I’m home “  .

A typical Haiku form of 5-7-5 – It was raining on the day we got back to Stockholm and then I took the train to the airport and back to civilisation.”

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