Adptd (Josie Randle) grabbed our attention right away here at LOUD WOMEN headquarters with her single ‘Scared’. Fast forward to now, Adptd just released her fully DIY debut EP, Bedroom Walls: a collection of vulnerable songs with heavy riffs that was created in Adptd’s bedroom.  Within the walls of this powerful EP, Adptd dives into heavy topics such as political racism, relationships, depression, and spirituality.  Adptd shares with LOUD WOMEN an exclusive track-by-track insight for Bedroom Walls… 


Coward is such a heartfelt song. You’re bound to feel something. It’s an emotional contrast between expression and surrender to circumstance.  The song expresses the waves between the emotions of a relationship and feelings that keep you there, yet the pull of destabilization. 


Personal finds another common theme of mental health. Mental health is so real in our lives that not many speak out about it. It can be a very personal feeling that we live in and can be really dark at times. 


Stay was written while I was in a deep depression from my Grandma passing. It took a huge toll on my mental and physical health. It’s about remembering the hard times while embracing the good times and the one-liner, can’t stay, won’t stay goes into the chorus speaking through the coping mechanisms that took place while feeling so low and defeated. Losing someone so close to you is never easy. 

Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls captures the inner being of depression and self reflection in all points of views of myself. Sometimes you hit a deep wave of depression and spend days on end in your room. Telling myself I can’t fix who I am, then tearing myself down.


Scared is a politically and racially centered song. It relates to me being an African American woman experiencing things first hand and having to witness what other POC have to go through as well. It’s tiring and exhausting. The chorus speaks exactly the feelings, the verses are situations, and the bridge asks why it’s happening where things should be. 

Revive the Soul

Revive the Soul is about finding that fire inside that was lost. Although the fire never really goes away, it’s just being suppressed by overwhelming emotions. It becomes harder and harder to reach on some days, where others it feels like it used to before. I imagine this song making an opening for that fire to penetrate your own “wall” of emotions and release the passion that’s been longly suppressed.

Believe It or Not

Believe It or Not is about my religious views and how skewed they are to me. I’m not here to knock religion or what anyone believes, because we all believe in something. The song is a very feely, touchy song that speaks about the push and pull of faith, the feelings that reside when you’re in worship vs when you’re not. It talks about the motion of an everyday Sunday. It can be a personal song for anyone who has any connection with religion and faith.

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