Wrap your ears around No Swoon‘s new single ‘Beside’ from their upcoming album ‘Take Your Time’. The music video shot, directed and edited by the band themselves is our video of the day today!

No Swoon are an LA based dream pop/indie rock duo consisting of Tasha Abbott on guitar and vocals and Zack Nestel-Patt on synthesiser, bass and engineering duties. ‘Beside’ is a combination of dreamlike vocals and synths inspired by Beach House with a touch of a DIY indie band rawness. The bass sounds hypnotic and strange but very familiar at the same time. It’s a real pleasure to listen.

Abbott shares what inspired this track:

I have some really weird dreams. They are often these wide ranging sci-fi stories. This song is part 2 of the same dream that inspired a song on our first record “Don’t wake up, wake up”. That dream had ended with meandering into a cave that turned out to be the home to a cult where everyone looked the same and seemed very “happy.” Though, obviously they were not very happy because it was a cult. I eventually got out.

No Swoon’s second album drops on 8th of April 2022. Make sure to save that date in your calendar!

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