Our video of the day today comes from Canadian alt-pop artist Lights: latest single, ‘Salt and Vinegar’, comes with an accompanying music video AND new album news. PEP (out 1st April via Fueled By Ramen) will be Lights’ next album in her ever evolving discography. 

PEP is already showing dynamic range with one album with the new single ‘Salt and Vinegar’ and previous releases ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Prodigal Daughter’.

 “I’ve never understood the task more than I did when I was making this record. My vision feels complete, and every single component comes from this very intense evolution I’ve experienced in my personal life over the last few years.” She adds, “We’re all products, we all market ourselves every single day. The idea behind PEP is if you’re going to brand yourself, then brand yourself to happiness.


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