Our video of the day today comes from Brighton glam-art-pop royalty LibraLibra – ‘Candy Mountain’ is out today. Sparse drums, driving punk guitar hooks, and layer upon layer of Beth Cannon’s multi-personality vocals create the perfect soundtrack to a beguiling blood-splattered rooftop video.

‘Candy Mountain’ stemmed out of a complete mental breakdown. The anguish, pain and full blown agony of not knowing where to put to my rage, my anger and my heartbreak. For me it is an unapologetic revenge song, a song about survivors clubbing together and defeating their abusers and in turn defeating evil, hence the choral themes within. I feel as though it’s a slap in the face to the world waking up and realising the sheer abuse young girls to womxn endure and saying enough is enough, it’s time to fight back.’ 

(Incidentally – perhaps – this is the second DIY horror music video to come out of Brighton in the past week: viz CLT DRP’s video for ‘Ownership’. There is some real RAGE brewing at the seaside.)

Candy Mountain is the lead track from LibraLibra’s EP, which they are promising for March 2022. That’s ages! Much sooner though, the band celebrate the single launch with gigs tonight in London at The Waiting Room, and 19th Nov at the Hope & Ruin in Brighton (if you’re brave enough to make the journey there! If you see a frontwoman with a hammer, RUN …)