So many reasons to get your sticky paws on a copy of T-Bitch’s new album March of the Othering, which just launched today.

First, it kicks ass. Proper punk – anarchic, irreverent, norm-smashing. There’s loud, proud, heart-swelling numbers like the title track, which opens with a rabble rousing cry:

This is for the women, the freaks and the queers!

We will shout and make it known that we won’t live in fear!

The band’s furious defiance is felt in every drum beat of this march, and anyone who’s seen this song performed live will know how powerful and emotional the song is for the band. Frontperson Stevie B – who we know as one of the kindest, big-hearted and supportive punks who ever picked up a mic – has been the victim of some vile online attacks by transphobes and abusive “artists” around our scene of late, so the song’s words feel especially poignant right now.

“It’s about celebrating our differences and looking after marginalised groups, who seem to be under constant attack in the media and in everyday life. The world may seem like it is becoming a safer and fairer place, but we still have a long way to go.”

Stevie B

This week being Trans Week of Awareness too, what a better time to show love and solidarity with our trans siblings.

The T-Bitch brand of self-effacing humour, bags of fun, and actual silliness also runs through this album. ‘Fashion Police’ takes a swipe at the Judgey McJudgefaces who get their claws out on girls who wear short skirts, accompanied by the slinkiest of basslines.

‘Get Tucked’ is a rollocking (I said rollocking) gender-challenging belter, accompanied by a rocknroll piano straight out of Southend.

Special mention to track 7, ‘Willy’ – a bathtime sing-song song about cleaning your willy. A big favourite in my household of willy-owners, and a genius stroke (ahem) from T-Bitch. How many children will be driving their parents to despair with “Alexa, play the Willy song!”

Grab yours today. The album, that is … available as a digital download from Bandcamp, and limited edition CDs at gigs. See T-Bitch’s socials for event updates.