People keep pointing me towards new London HC punk trio Shooting Daggers saying things like “these are right up your street” and “you’ll love this” and “why have you not booked them yet?” and I must admit they are completely right.

They’ve just released a double A side single – on all the streaming platforms, download and limited edition flexi disc which includes “white and pink disc, plus a fold out insert, A4 poster, sticker and badge in a poly bag”. I mean, that’s enough to make me fall in love with them before I’ve even heard a note to be honest.

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl is about the movie trope from the same name. It’s a stock character that has no discernible inner life. It’s usually a cis woman that only exists to make the main character (usually a cis man) look good and to provide the protagonist important life lessons. The MPDG trope also occurs in real life, at least in my experience. I personally felt like a MPDG in my romantic relationships and the lyrics are the words of a manic pixie dream girl if she could actually be heard. Claiming that she is someone and stating how bad it feels to be nothing else but someone’s sexy stooge.”

On the flip side of the floppy is ‘Missandra’ – an amazing name which I am reserving for the next cat I adopt.

“It is about deconstructing the concept of Misandry. Misandry is not discrimination, misandry is a healthy reaction to oppression” 

Fuck yeah. These Shooting Daggers are the real deal – big punk noise with riffs and hooks aplenty, and a healthy no-fucks-given ethos in a totally positive direction.

I am absolutely loving this band! Let’s get them on a LW stage soon!

Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp