GIRLI (Milly Toomey) released her latest EP, Damsel In Distress. This five track EP is a follow up to her Ex Talk EP (released earlier this year). Damsel In Distress dives into love, body dysmorphia, and mental health struggles.  This EP is a journey of self discovery, looking inward and outward. GIRLI’s lyrics are sharp and to the point like a sword.

GIRLI shared the following about Damsel In Distress:

Damsel in Distress is a collection of songs that marks a chapter of GIRLI that I feel is my comeback. Each song represents something different I’ve battled; body dysmorphia, mental health issues, unrequited and difficult love, bad friendships. These are the distresses; I am the damsel who’s fighting them. I decided to take the old and sexist term of ‘Damsel in Distress’, an old character trope of a woman needing saving by a man, and turn it on its head. Yes, I’m struggling with some stuff and yes I need help, but I’m gonna save myself. That’s why I chose the cover art to be me as the princess with the sword.”

GIRLI will be going on tour through the UK and Ireland. Full tour dates and tickets can be found here

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