by Janey Starling

It’s time we took matters into our own hands – and by we, I mean all of us. If the police don’t protect us, we protect us.

Level Up are hosting a series of free online trainings to help you learn the skills you need to build a safer society. Learn how to intervene in street harassment or domestic abuse, and what to do if you see a police stop and search. 

If we want to live in a less violent world, every single one of us needs to build the skills to prevent violence, and to intervene when it happens.

Violence in our society – from sexual harassment and domestic abuse to LGBT+ or Islamophobic hate crime – will never be prevented through more policing.

The police don’t protect us. From the horrific fact that Sarah Everard’s killer used his powers to arrest and kidnap her, to the fact that undercover Met officers manipulated female activists into relationships — and the recent revelation that 52% of Met police officers found guilty of sexual misconduct have kept their jobs, it’s evident we can’t trust them. 

We will build a less violent world if we all commit to take action to keep each other safe. You never know when you may need to intervene when you see someone being harassed in public, or how to support your neighbour who experiencing domestic abuse. So join us!